How to recycle a Old stone garden pots

Now,i’ll teach you how to recycle a large old stone pots for your garden

Vietnam oldstone garden pots

Vietnam oldstone garden pots

I picked up a 24″ wide old stone flowerpot that in the store would cost nearly $75 for free.I got it home, scrubbed it clean, filled and planted a miniature fruit tree in it. It will last a good long time. It did have a crack in the side, though.I use silicon  to seal the crack.

Turn old stone pots into lamps. Clean and paint the pots. Smaller pots can sit on a nightstand, while large pots can sit on the floor. Insert a painted PVC pipe and glue in place over the drain hole. Using a lamp kit, run the wire up through the bottom of the old stone pot, to the light socket which will be attached to the top of the pipe. Top with a lampshade. Fill the sanblasted pot with silk flowers, fake moss, etc. Use bits of broken colored pottery and tiles to adorn other flower pots, say around the rims.

Vietnam oldstone garden pots supplier

Vietnam oldstone garden pots supplier

Use broken bits in your other garden pots. Use bits of broken old stone garden pots to cover the drainage holes in other pots. This keeps the potting soil from running out of the pot or blocking the drainage and drowning the plant’s roots.

If the pot is cracked, just turn the crack to the backside, or paint the crack to make it look fake.Turning an old stone pot upside down and leaving a space for them to enter and leave by. Chip out an entrance, if necessary.  Fill them with dirt and whatever flowers your little heart desires. I mainly use flowers that will grow and eventually drape over the edge of the buckets (ivy, vinca vine, petunias, Calibrachoa etc).Now it’s look great!!!!

Vietnam oldstone garden pots manufacturer

Vietnam oldstone garden pots manufacturer

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